The words, digital marketing speaks for themselves. It means to market various products and services on online platforms through websites, blogs or social media.

From the past few years, it has become immensely popular in India as it has wide scope for lakhs of jobs, startups and businesses.

Let’s start with a brief introduction, about what actually digital marketing is.

Digital marketing is formed of 2 words. First one is digital, which means anything that is virtual or you can see or hear from T.V., mobile phones, and other electronic devices. It especially includes the internet. While marketing means the promotion of any product or service to satisfy the need of the consumer.

Why we needed digital marketing?

The Internet has changed things a lot around globally since the past 2 decades. While consumers shifted online, which led the media and production to shift online as there was a huge scope digitally. People became more comfortable with shopping online, ordering things and services at home. Moreover, it provides chances for businesses to establish themselves online. It created the whole world as a small village.

After the emergence of social media, things took a turn on a more fast phase. People started spending more time on social media, which meant more engaging content and more options to be available online.

Today, everything is online, you have any question, google it! Want to cook something, watch any recipe on YouTube, don’t want to cook? Order something at home, want to study? Learn online.

COVID-19 is a big turn in digital marketing. It has led to an increase in digital marketing as people are becoming aware more about various online platforms and their benefits. Due to lockdown, Digital marketing has helped various businesses to survive online and establish themselves to a larger audience.

Scope of digital marketing in Punjab?

Since India is becoming digital, Punjab tends to have a lot of scope in digital marketing. Not only in Punjab, but every state of  India tends to have a lot of scopes, because digital marketing is not divided by region, but helps to connect people globally.

In Punjab, already there are many successful businesses, startups which are doing amazing due to digital marketing. Millennials are finding it interesting and it can be even done part-time and from home!

We MRMS Digital & I.T. Solutions are trying to take digital marketing in Mansa as well as whole Punjab to the next level. Our mission is to help people to attain financial freedom and see themselves as an asset to this society.

Who can do digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the whole of practical experience. You don’t need to crack exams or crack books for this.

There is no age limit, reservation or gender restrictions regarding this course.

Anyone can do digital marketing, whether a professional, doctor, student, housewife, teacher, carpenter, anyone who has an interest in this field as well as technology.

Still for basics, if you are 12th passes, it’s good, as to understand various terms, basic knowledge of English is required unless you can hire someone else for these things.

A few months of training in digital marketing can help you a lot, as it will teach you from basic to advanced level.

How much you can earn?

There is no limit to earning in digital marketing. You can start from earning thousands to crores, by working for someone else, as a freelancer or starting your own business. You can earn from it as a part-time job or work as full time! You just need to put your hard work once, then you will earn even while sleeping!

Digital marketing can be done as a 9 to 5 job in various I.T. companies like in Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. or by teaching it further. If you don’t want to do 9 to 5 job then, Digital marketing is just for you!

So, guys, this was the very basic introduction to digital marketing. To know more, you can read our other articles for better clarification. You can also join our 3 months digital marketing training program and start earning right away from digital marketing!