You must have heard about Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw or even Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Adobe Premiere Pro, or even other photo editing, designing, or video editing apps.

Well, by learning this softwares, you can create good career opportunities for yourself.

But how? By learning through our Graphic Designing Course, which is available offline in Mansa.

But before that, let’s discuss what exactly is graphic designing, what are the career opportunities and what qualifications are required to be a. graphic designer?

What is Graphic Designing?

In simple terms, graphic designing means designing or editing something using various software on a computer, laptop, or mobile phone.

You might think that editing is easy these days. One can just download a few apps and after editing, post them on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

This kind of editing will be considered basic editing.

Being a graphic designer means, you are designing logos, banners, posters, social media posts, product covers, book covers or even designing 2D or 3D models.

Graphic designing has various branches will I will discuss further. But you can kick start your career by learning Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Corel Draw, etc.

What are the career options in Graphic Designing?

You can start your career in graphic designing by becoming a graphic designer. You can apply to various marketing companies for the post of a graphic designer.

Other than that, you can do freelancing, where you work for various client projects via online freelancing websites.

Or you can run your own graphic designing business.

Many times, people don’t feel graphic designing is sufficient, so they learn other relevant things. Like along with designing posts, learning social media managing, and becoming a social media manager. Or learning website designing, further taking graphic designing skills into UX Design.

Not just that, you can even start printing those designs you make, by opening a printing company.

Where can one learn Graphic Designing?

You don’t need to move to big cities to learn. You can learn graphic designing in Mansa in offline mode. If your residence is away from Mansa, you can also enroll in our online classes.

Why choose MRMS Institute for Graphic Designing Course?

Overall the duration of the graphic designing course is of 2 months.

Classroom Environment & Infrastructure- There will be a 2-hour class every day (Monday – Saturday). PC or laptop will be provided by the institute, or you can bring your own too. All the software will be provided by the institute.

There will be no cramming, nor any books will be recommended. The whole course is 100% practical. In class, we will teach you how to design, help you sharpen your designing skills, and clear your doubts.

A fully furnished air-conditioned computer lab will be provided. Each student will be given their own single pc. We prefer small batches, as it helps to focus on every student more easily. You will be taught by our experienced teachers.

Perks- What other benefits will you get by choosing MRMS Institute? Well, at the end of the course, students are provided hands-on experience on live projects.

A proper resume and portfolio are made, to help them score a better job or internship. Along with that, freelancing is also taught.

Students are prepared for job interviews and we guide them to apply online via LinkedIn, Internshala, Indeed, etc as well as offline.

What is the Syllabus for Graphic Designing Beginners at MRMS Institute?

For beginners, it starts with the introduction to graphic designing and then learning the usage of important and most widely used softwares. The detailed syllabus consists of 12 modules as follows-

Module No. Module Name
1. Introduction to Graphic Designing
2. Types of Graphic Designing
3. Career Opportunities in Graphic Designing
4. Designing in Canva
5. Designing in Corel Draw
6. Learning Adobe Photoshop Tools
7. Advance Adobe Photoshop
8. Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
9. Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro
10. Portfolio Building
11. Resume Building
12. Interview Preparation

With the current trends and demand, graphic designing has a tremendous scope. And the jobs in the graphic designing field are increasing day by day. You can become a graphic designer in a company, or even work from home or start your own business or freelance.

With graphic designing, there are many other adjacent fields, that you can gain expertise in like digital marketing, social media marketing, etc. It will help you to widen your career opportunities.

What are you waiting for? Join Today! To know more about the graphic designing course, contact us at 94173-25210 or visit MRMS Institute, Veer Nagar, Mansa