The scope of Digital Careers (especially digital marketing) in Canada is huge and has a lot of opportunities for people (especially students) to explore. It is growing at a rapid pace and most companies are using social media marketing, search engine optimization and email marketing as their primary tools to reach out to their customers. It can be considered as one of the fastest-growing industries in Canada.

Job Opportunities

If you have already made plans to enter the field of digital marketing, you are not alone. The job market has been growing steadily since 2013 and is projected to continue growing at a rate 50% faster than average through 2022.

The best part about having a digital career is that you can work remotely too! A great number of companies in Canada provide remote or hybrid jobs, meaning you can work from anywhere or visit the office once in a while!


Great opportunity for new students Immigrating to Canada

Every year, lakhs of students immigrate from India to Canada for higher studies. But alas! they have to work in various laborious jobs at low wages to make ends meet.

But digital careers like digital marketing, social media marketing, web designing, graphic designing, and a lot more can help students settle in Canada.

As the government has increased working hours for students, they can easily apply for remote or hybrid jobs in this field. It will help them in

1. Applying to a skilled job instead of doing shifts in labor jobs.

2. A good pay rate with an average starting from 15$ per hour.

3. Digital careers align with Marketing, Management, and computer courses, hence adding a plus point to students’ careers.

4. Skilled jobs like these also help in gaining Permanent residence more easily. Even some companies give the option of getting PR while working for them.

5. It opens a lot of job options as you can apply for remote or hybrid jobs. These are the actual jobs that will come in handy to students as they will gain experience.

6. Students can work as freelancers, meaning no time issues, and can earn maximum profits while working remotely.


Demand for Digital Marketing Professionals in Canada

There is a high demand for digital marketing professionals in Canada. Digital marketing roles include social media manager, PPC manager, content writer, SEO specialist and many other positions. In fact, the demand for these professionals is so great that it has led to a shortage of talent in the marketplace.

Digital marketing job opportunities include working as an employee at a large corporation or as an entrepreneur starting your own business from home using digital marketing skills and tools such as blogs, websites, email newsletters, and more!

If you want to be more sure about job opportunities, just check on any website like LinkedIn, or Indeed and you will find numerous job options under digital marketing and other digital careers section.

What you can do before going Canada to start your digital career?

Once students immigrate abroad, it becomes hard to learn new things or to get time to experiment with different careers.

Hence the best thing to do is to learn Digital Marketing or learn any other digital career like web designing, social media marketing, or graphic designing while you are in India.  You can easily learn these along with your IELTS or while you are waiting for your visa approval.

What if I don’t have much interest in coding and stuff?

Digital Marketing is not about coding, It is about selling a product or service online. Anyone can learn it, without any age or academic background issues. Also, being trendy it is easy to learn. And of course, plenty of job scope is there, so it will not hurt if you will learn something that will help you get better pay than a labor job.

What is the qualification requirement?

There are no such qualification boundaries. You should just be able to read and understand English online. Meaning anyone who has done 12th in any stream can learn this.

I am not sure about studying abroad yet. Should I still do it?

Of course! Digital Marketing and other digital careers have tremendous scopes in India and well as abroad. After globalization, as a freelancer, you can work from any country for any country’s client.

Hence, you will be benefitted no matter what. Also, it is a practical course which means you can get a job more easily based on your practical skills.


Where can one learn these skills?

Many online courses are available to learn Digital Marketing. But I would suggest going for an offline course in the beginning if possible. As it will help you to resolve your doubts side by side.

If you are residing in Mansa or in Punjab, you can take online or offline classes from MRMS Digital Marketing Institute, Mansa.

At MRMS Institue, you can opt-in any course of your choice like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, and other computer basic courses. We provide free 2 days of demo classes, fully furnished labs and well-educated mentors who will teach you will latest industry standards.

Along with the course curriculum, we also help students with job preparations, portfolio and resume preparation, and well as applying. The course is 100% practical with short-strength batches, making the course laser-focused.

At the end of the course, students get ISO certification which is valid in India and abroad, along with some other Google certifications.

If you wish to know more about Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, etc, read our articles or directly contact us for consultation.

We will suggest you the perfect course, according to your future requirements and interests.