What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a very vast topic. Also, a lot in demand today. Digitalisation is increasing day by day. People are spending more and more time online, which has led to the establishment of many successful businesses online. Not only that, but local businesses are also establishing themselves online, as this increases their customer horizon. There is no limit of customer base, sellers and products online.

But, on what basis this online system works? How are the ads made? Online promotions? Websites? And so many other things?

Well, a two-word answer for it will be digital marketing.

Digital marketing, as I explained in the recent article, means the marketing of products and services online, rather than our traditional marketing, which is offline, on TVs and newspapers.

Explaining Digital Marketing


There are many areas or we can say specialities in digital marketing. Let’s take the example of a company. A company is selling a product X. Let’s understand, how digital marketing works in this.

It will have content writers, for creating content, that is the basis of everything. Then social media strategists, who plan about how to promote content online. That promotional content includes videos and photos along together, which will make some attractive posts. For this, they will require videographers, editors and graphic designers.

Now, to promote the products or that social media post to a wider area, paid ads are used. For those, there are ad managers, who use Google and Facebook to create ads.

Now suppose, the ad is created, and a customer likes the product. Now, the ad will direct the customer to the landing page. What is a landing Page? Well, usually landing page is a website page or add to cart page. After the product is promoted online, consumer gets ready to buy it.

So, the company will now require some website designers to create an attractive and an efficient website. To make that site, work efficiently, some technical things, payment gateways etc., are to be taken care of. So, for that, company will hire web developers, or in simple language, the one who takes care at the back end, or we can say, the one who does coding.

Now there are hundreds of websites. How will the company make sure, that their website rank first? For that, they will hire SEO Specialists.

In addition to this, with remarketing, mobile marketing, Local SEO and affiliate marketing, finally the product is sold.

Well, a lot of work right? So, this is an overview about how a product or service is sold online or digitally marketed.

As I said earlier, digital marketing is vast. But it varies with the levels. Big firms require huge marketing, while small businesses start locally. Also, it depends upon budget.

So, how learning digital marketing is going to help you in all of this?

Well, you can get a job in one of these big firms. If not, you can have your own startup, help small businesses to promote or even work part time, as a freelancer.

Digital marketing is interesting. Why? Because it keeps getting updated. One never gets bored.

If you are new to this concept, then digital marketing will help you to learn about all the areas like SEO, SMM, Affiliate marketing, blogging etc. With time, you can get expertise in one area and lead with it, or you can juggle altogether.

Now, let’s talk about digital marketing course in Mansa.

What you will learn at MRMS Digital I.T. Solutions?


Firstly, let’s talk about duration. It’s a 4 months course, with two hours class a day.

Anybody can join! There is no age limit. Anybody from a student, to a teacher, housewife or anyone working on any job can apply. You should have a basic knowledge of English. I assume if you are reading this article, then you are eligible.

Perks- You will learn a lot. Along with that, you will not only get certified from us, but also from Google, Bing and Microsoft. Seems amazing, right?

Each day, you will also be prepared for the interview. We will help you to find your specialisation if required.

Classroom environment- Digital marketing is fun, so studying it will be fun. It is a fully practical subject, so there’s no chance you will get bore or have to cram anything.

There will be slides to make you understand along with whiteboard. After that, 1 hour, solely for practical and clearing doubts. We will train you on live websites.

And there will be case studies of different companies, national and international. It will help you to understand how MNCs work and bring some new ideas to your mind.

Certified staff will be provided, along with free pdfs and e-books. And, you can come according to your convenience, like in evenings or weekends, if you have a job.

There will be 20 modules.



Serial no. Module
1. Introduction
2. Website Basics
3. Search Engine Optimisation
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Email Marketing
6. Content Marketing
7. Affiliate Marketing
8. Blogging
9. Freelancing
10. E-commerce Marketing
11. Online Reputation Management
12. Online Advertising
13. Google Analytics
14. Search Engine Algorithms
15. App Store Optimisation
16. Lead Generation
17. Mobile Marketing
18. Local SEO & Tools
19. Interview
20. Resume


There is nothing much technical in this course. This course can open up doors for a lot of opportunities. Digital marketing is not only the trend today but also the need of the hour. Businesses and companies are today totally relying on Digital marketing.

Learning this course will definitely land you up with a job or your own work. And also you can further specialise.

To know more or join the course, You can go to our Digital Marketing page, fill the form and apply today. You can also visit our Institute in Veer Nagar, Mansa. We will offer you the best Digital Marketing Course in Mansa. You can also check out our other courses, like Social Media Mastery and Work from home with zero investment.

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